Keerai Masaiyal Poisson en Papilotte avec Garlic Pomme Mousseline


Making a coming back after almost a month ( again! )

The last time that happened, I bounced back with something sweet , but this time around it is fish! Special – because all this while the recipes in my blog have been vegetarian. I love fish ( and this should be a great beginning for my blog.)

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Millie Crepe Cake with Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache


So, I’ve been away for almost two months now. Sad that couldn’t blog but then a digital detox of sorts helped me rejuvenate. More than thrilled to spring back in action now – for more reasons than one.

There is a another man in my life nowmy brand new … little nephew ‘Arjun’.  My sister delivered a baby boy and he was one of the main reason I was away. I flew down to my sister’s to help her during the delivery and post. Boy! I had no idea what to expect. A total rookie at this, ….totally underestimated the amount the ‘help’ I volunteered to do. But it was all worth while. I’m so thankful for these little people in our lives…they make life so beautiful.  Continue reading