Classic Breakfast Egg Sandwich

I’d been missing in action for a little over a month now. Got really busy with work and just couldn’t take time out for blogging. I feel so bummed 😦

So I thought I’d warm up to blogging by posting something really simple …something a feeling of having blogged without spending too much time on it…And almost no recipe.

You see this is just to get me into the groove! 😛

Here’s my Classic Breakfast Sandwich with Fried Egg, Avocado and Tomatoes


I love how simple it is to make this. Not only is it supremely delicious , but it is wholesome and healthy! Oh yeah, gorgeous to look at too… the colours ❤


I love cheese but in this , I skip it. Because who needs cheese when you have this sexy, silky, creamy, oozy yolk!


To make this delightful sandwich, you’ll need-

Bread + Some fresh spinach + Tomato Slices ( with a sprinkle of dry basil ) + slice of Avocado + Fried Egg + seasoning + Chopped Red Chillies + Fresh Coriander

Layer it the way you’ll like… There are no rules!

Perfect breakfast that could easily be lunch or dinner …. ❤



Mini Banana Walnut Muffins

IMG_1330_e1_DK_ New

There is something amazing about fruits that need to be peeled to be eaten. The way I look at it is that there is always something incredible waiting to be discovered! We all have our favorites , for me the most ‘apeeling’ fruit has always been Bananas. It has never ever ever disappointed me with its delicious awesomeness.

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