Coffee Chicken (with smoked coffee bbq sauce)

Chicken Coffee 1

       Coffee justifies the existence of the word ‘aroma’  – Glen Duncan


I agree with Glen but I guess I will add a couple of other things in there with coffee – that justify the word aroma. Cinnamon, Freshly baked bread, or even bbq!

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Cocoa & Finger Millet Brownies


 This brownie was never meant to be!

If it weren’t for my sister’s demands and emotional threats I wouldn’t have made this… but I’m so glad I did 🙂

Brownies are super easy to make , and this one is no exception. Only difference here being the use of Finger Millet (ragi) and whole wheat along with the regular all purpose flour. Deliciously dark, soft and fudgy… this one is definite winner!

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Roasted Carrot Pizza with Pomegranate Molasses


I’ve said this many a times, but I’ll say it again… one of the most warm feelings in the world is when you smell freshly baked bread ,right out of the oven. Now, just image if that bread were a pizza!… Dreamy sigh!

My love for bread is infinite! My love for one of my favorite breads ‘Pizza’… is infinite! And today a bit of that love is all set to get exposed.

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Spiced Orange Iced Tea


   Change … sometime means losing something good. It can also mean that there maybe something better waiting for you at the other end of it.  Seasons are like that. For me it is winter. My favorite season! I love the cold weather. If I had it my way… it will just be winters all year round. But that is not it should work and thank god! that is not how it works.

Winter makes way for spring…and that in turn helps us , not particularly embrace, but surely prepare for the summer. But here in Bangalore, the weather gods decided to skip spring and go right into the hot days!

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