Around the World in 26 Plates

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 Every end is a new beginning… so, 2015 brings with it new possibilities, new ideas and definitely new adventure. My road to an adventurous new beginning has just been opened. And I hope to take you along with me …

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”—Susan Sontag

 Having started my blog a few months ago, I wanted to do something new, something different in 2015. Well, I decided to take up a new adventure in the form of a new project, because I believe that it is one of the best ways to discover and learn.

Like many, I tend to associate the word ‘discovery’ with travel. I love to travel,  and I believe that there are only few experiences that are as satisfying as a opportunity to explore our world’s amazing culinary. I’ve done a bit of travelling and I love all the places I’ve been to…. In fact, I’m in love with places I haven’t even been to! There is an exciting world waiting to be explored and that experience certainly awaits….but should I just sit & wait for more such moments to happen? No. I want to create those moments for me…to take a trip around the world. While actually getting out would be the best…. I, for now, will choose the next best thing – to eat my way around the world, right here… through my kitchen! A delicious, ticket-less trip around the world… exploring & celebrating the amazing array of cuisines and food… one country at a time ❤

With a global explosion of food all around us, we get to savour delicacies from different countries. However, personally, what I’ve seen is that the cuisines & food are generally from a few popular countries. Interestingly, there are plenty more foods/cuisines waiting to be discovered from countries that not-so popular (IMHO). And there sprouts my adventurous new beginning.

Project – Around the world in 26 Plates

What is the project?

To pick 26 exotic , unexplored countries from around the world…and cook my way through the recipe(s) inspired from that country/cuisine. (Countries other than France, Italy, China, Mexico, Thai…so on and so forth. You get the drift, right?)  I will pick a country as I go along and would certainly welcome exotic suggestions from readers. Each plate (post) could have one or more inspired dishes. This will be done in 26 weeks spread over the course of the year. Hence the name “Around the world in 26 plates”  (There will be a hashtag too, yes! #26plates )

How authentic will be dishes be?

 Probably not very, but it will definitely be an ‘inspired’ dish for sure. The dishes will be centered around a few popular ingredients, and/or be an inspired de-construction of popular dishes from that country or even a certain cooking technique, if possible. Chances are, I may not have tasted the dish I intend to make. However, based on research through legit and credible sources online (and offline), I hope to have a dish that could well be passed as an inspired dish from that specific cuisine/ country. In the process, I may sometimes have to look for local substitutes for some ingredients, because I most definitely will not have all the required ingredients for all the plates at all times. Most of the dishes will be vegetarian but occasionally there will be something non-vegetarian too. 

What will the 26 Plates (posts) have, in terms of a blog post?

The 26 plates (posts) will have one or more recipes in each. Besides photos, the post will have a brief introduction to that cuisine, a little about the key ingredient(s) used, about local substitutions(wherever applicable).

Is this going to be culinary travel blog from now onwards?

No, not at all. This is a blog-project and will be a new section in my blog. A platform for us to discover new flavors through inspired dishes from 26 different countries. The focus is still and will be limited to food… and NOT places, restaurant tours, events etc.

What about my regular blog posts, aside of this project?

Well, that stays undisturbed. The posts for Project #26plates will go up once every two weeks, and the regular posts will go up as when it is ready, on a regular basis. 

Through this project, I intend to take up a Taste Adventure by fulfilling my desire to sample varied foods from unknown (or little known) cuisines, discover new flavors….even if I haven’t been to those countries (..Yet)

With me, I take you all along on this global roadtrip, through my kitchen … So, let us dive right into this and make our lives a little more delicious ❤


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