An Afternoon at Soda Bottle Opener Wala


  The beauty of Parsi Cuisine lies in its simplicity. The eclectic mix of Indian & Iranian flavours, blend of mild sweetness and spiciness, an occasional surprise of tartness , makes it interesting.

Soda Bottle Opener Wala  (SBOW) is just the place for this.

A place that not just offers this easy-on-the-palate delicious parsi delicacies but also lets you soak in a bit of a quirkiness, a little mad yet, relaxed and laid back moments of a typical Irani Cafe. The place has a character that can seen in the food, the decor , the way the food is presented , the serving staff etc. Something that demands to be experienced.

Having been around for a while, SBOW has just introduced a new menu. Their in-house chefs – the talented Chef Danish & Chef Manbeer have tried to bring in the experience of the street food, popular food legends and food re-inventions and put their culinary spin on it and devised this new Menu.

A bunch of us got an opportunity to try out a few of those new set of dishes and cocktails.

Thank you team SBOW for having us over!

Here is a glimpse, in the form of a photo journey, of what the new menu has to offer:

Adu-Tedhu Babycorn fry with Cheese sauce
One of the cocktails


The quintessential Parsi .. Kheema Khari Par Eedu ( Egg on Mince)
Aloo Aunty’s Vegetable Cutlis ( Veg Cutlet)
Squid & Prawn Patio Served with Malai Parantha
Parsi Style Jumbo Prawn with Curry and rice


More Cocktails
The incredibly good Tarela Rainbow Trout
Mint Julep
Matunga Coffee Cake . One of the best coffee desserts I’ve had in a long long time. Incredibly decadent.
Spiced Raspberry Soda
Lagan Nu Custard
White Chocolate Orange Brownie …and a glimpse of the decor
A paused moment
The props
The blue vespa…almost a mascot


Get to know more about the place and for reservation – Click here 









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