Drifting Focus 3 – Catch of the day!

Drifting Focus Part 3 – Catch of the Day!

Last month I took off to my sister’s place in Pune and also happened to make a quick trip to Mumbai. While In pune I wanted to experience the bazaar life and that’s exactly what I did. An opportunity for another Drifting Focus.

 Because I went all out crazy with camera – I ended up on a clicking spree. I decided to group the photos and split into two part. This post here is first part in the two-part series. (Coming up in the next part is food and other eats )

This 3rd Drifting focus ( & first in the two-part series) takes you a witness some still (ocean, mostly) life at a bustling Fish market in Pune.

When my sisters and I were little, sundays meant accompanying my ma or appa to the fish / meat market, because sundays were designated non-veg days (irrespective of fact that we may have had it during the week). Then in my teens I stopped it because, sadly, you know back then like a typical teenager, it was ‘not cool’ to be shopping with parents , let alone be seen in the fish/meat market. And then I was sensible enough understand and look through that shallow attitude, life happened. And I was all grown up and busy and away from parents. *Sigh*

Memories work in a strange way!
This time when I was in Pune for a couple of days, every time I would pass by a certain fish market , It brought back those childhood memories. I think it the sound of marathi amidst the smell of fish. Because my most earliest memories of fish market was of those market in mumbai, growing up in Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

So here is a glimpse of that Fish Market (and the ocean life it offers) in Pune, through my lens.

I stepped out to explore it and came back with some lovely little memories of meeting some super friendly fish-butchers, some incredible vada pav, and some of these – photos and some good catch ❤

The wait.
For the tones of red, blue and green!
Fresh ‘handpicked’ prawns
Crowded crabs
“Why me” !!!


Tray full!
Tell ‘Tails’ – The long & short of it!
Catch of the day!
Pink & beautiful!
Some dried ones
Herbs & Other greens
Fresh, as fresh can be!
Barely there tomatoes 😛
The bargain!
The line-up



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6 thoughts on “Drifting Focus 3 – Catch of the day!

  1. Beautiful…..my love for seafood is legendary and these shots are so raw and genuine. I know how hard it is to capture the beauty of everyday markets especially Indian fish markets and you have done a brilliant job in capturing the soul and essence of the place.


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