Drifting Focus Part 2 – A Walk in the Park

In this second part of the Drifting Focus series – I take you for a walk in the park. Probably the largest community park in the city – Lalbagh.. ( Here is the first one in case you are interested – Bazaars of Bangalore)

If you have been following my work, you’d probably be familiar with my fascination for flawed things around me. I find such things very intriguing and am drawn to them.

In this post too, you’ll find my getting drawn to broken, old, dried, rusted everything objects. I wanted to capture things that a very much a part of the beautiful Lalbagh but probably haven’t been photographed much.

And then, of course there is food – our good old desi park-park. Plenty of options for folks to explore.

So, here’s the everyday lalbagh as seen through my lens :

Tree Trunk
Random Tree Trunk
Iron Park Bench
Gorgeous Iron Bench
I had absolutely no idea what this is … but it sure looked fascinating!
One of my fav. shots – Old discarded park bench supported by the tree…. Kept it B&W for it more hauntingly beautiful, than the coloured version ( which you will see further down in the post)
Red Stair_
Red walls & almost in ruins ….just couldn’t resist!
The coloured version of the old broken bench
The coloured version of the old broken bench


Nature caught in action!

Collage rust metal

All things old, metal & rusted …

Green and yellow
and then some more….

And then the glorious food ❤

chaat 1_
Veg & fruits chaat getting prepped
Bhutta !!! ❤
drinks 2
The much need liquid respite !
manga pine2
Pineapple | Raw Mango | Cucumber – Glorious Trio
One of my fav. park food … the immensely addictive Pori / spiced roasted puffed rice & peanuts.



Pori Wala1
The wonderful old man with his wonderful little cart.



4 thoughts on “Drifting Focus Part 2 – A Walk in the Park

  1. I had bookmarked this post to come and read it. Moreover to see the pictures in larger frame on my laptop. This has been so inspiring for me. I love the balance of colours and the framing. Great Work!!


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