Sodesh Momos – Dessert dumplings from Namma Calcutta

   Desserts ….are always a good idea! Desserts that are not overly sweet or the ones that are savoury sweet or simply some out of the ordinary desserts have been my recent fascination.

While a lot of Bengali sweets are notorious for being sugary sweet .. but there are a few that aren’t. Sondesh is one such blessing in the form of dessert… One of my favourites.

So when the good soul from the new Bengali eatery “Namma Calcutta” in the city informs me the I will be sent a sample of their signature dessert that involves Sondesh … I was sent to “Sondesh” heaven, almost instantly!!

New Momo3

This creative dish is the brainchild of Ranaq Sen ( the owner ), inspired by his mother’s cooking.

It is called Sondesh Momo – a sweet dumpling/momo – made with whole wheat flour infused with Nolen Gur ( date palm jaggery ) , stuffed with gorgeously delicious sondesh and served with Nolen Gur dipping sauce!

Solo momo dip 2 NEW

  It is incredible to see how Ranaq’s eyes light-up when he talks about his  signature dish.

     The sondesh is his mother’s recipe and indeed a special one, that! The sondesh stuffing is absolutely delicious.

New Momo4

The idea of using familiar flavours and turning it into something new has always appealed to me. That was indeed one the first things that got me interested in this dish.

The experience of dipping the mildly sweet dumplings/momos in the lovely nolen gur sauce makes it fun!

New Momo6

My only little wish is that the dumpling / momo wrapper be a little less thick. Maybe the fact that it is made of whole wheat flour has something to do with it.

Thinner wrapper will only enhance the experience of these having these beauties – because it would mean more sondesh !! 😛

Solo momo

     An simple creative fusion of familiar flavours & techniques , indeed makes this dish an interesting one. It also happens to be one the most sought after dishes at Namma Calcutta.    Solo momo dip 1 NEW

If you are into not-so-sweet desserts, and happen to be in Koramangala , Bangalore – do swing by Namma Calcutta and give this a go! ❤


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