Full Circle – Blog Project

Rasam Saadam

     Desire to eat / food – for many is a mere biological need. Not much thought is given into what is being had not do they pause for a moment to relish it. And then there are some , for whom, it is a sensorial experience. Beyond flavours, it also about passion, comfort, memories and legacies. And I’m happy that most of the folks on my TL fall in later category!

That is a precursor to my new pet blog project called – ” Full Circle”

Through this project , I will revisit some of old favorite food ,comfort food, unique local / regional recipes, old & forgotten recipes – in my style! All this while I keep the focus on diverse Indian Food.
This is how I attempt to channelize of passion for modern plating. And this way of taking something local and making global (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)


Kicking off the Full Circle series with – ‘Rasam Saadam’
P.S – rasam sadam by itself is and will always be legendary and my favorite.

Rasam Saadam – Rice flour ravioli stuffed with vendiya keerai poriyal (fenugreek/methi) …in poondu – parupu (garlic & dal) rasam broth. Garnished with onion flower & coriander.

This is more an announcement post . I will move this to a separate section soon – Because it’s totally worth it! ❤




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