Back after a break…


” Distances doesn’t matter when two hearts are loyal to each other…” 

   Yes, I’ve been away again. Did not plan a break, but it just happened. And then I wanted to take some time off till I was really ready. The last couple of months have been ridiculously busy and packed. I didn’t want to start and stop again. I don’t like that. So I thought It would be better to take my time , and resume when I truly can. This is my personal space that I share with you all, and It gives the freedom to do things the way I intend to, the way I can. 

I do want to thank some of my lovely readers and friends who wrote in to check on me during this blog-break. You know who you are and I love you!

So 2 months … let me try to fill you in on what I’ve been up to. This post is just that. A post to give you a water cooler lowdown on what has been happening in my life, some quick highlights and a glimpse of what I had been cooking ( Although some of you may be aware because you may be connected with me on FB or Instagram.  ) Wish2

WIll try hard to share the highlights in a chronological order of events…however, I might just drop the order in between. Bear with me though 😛  —–

  • My last post of was the simple classic breakfast with the oozy egg yolk! Click here if you’d like to check it out.
  • The break happened to be in a very strategic eventful period – Husband’s birthday ( okay, it was in Oct and not exactly during the break. But the post is long overdue) , Our Anniversary ( In Nov…again, a long overdue post) , Ringing in 2016 & my Birthday, a Family reunion of sorts.
  • On the professional side – got busy. Feeling grateful for the multiple recipe testing sessions, recipe writing, training , Trials , Photo assignments that kept me busy.
  • A couple of features – Newspaper and social media. Again, feeling grateful for the opportunities.
  • Eggs – Of Course I love eggs, but also did some quirky stuff with my muse.
  • My love for dark and moody was always evident – but loving the new faded, moody with high contrast style of photography. Plenty coming your way!
  • Got my new 100mm Lens – Yay!
  • Seriously mulling over migrating from WordPress to Cucumbertown – a platform meant for Food Blogging.
  • Organized my computer – cleared some old stuff , got rid of the unwanted things to make space for new. Psst! looking to upgrade my laptop with a new one. A Mac is in the talks, let’s see. 😛
  • DIY boards and backgrounds . Yes, indulged in things that make me happy.
  • Crockery Shopping – Two words that light up my eyes. Shopped for some and some came in a gifts from some wonderful people I call friends.
  • Discovered my love for photographing people, but not in a very planned studio portraits but a certain special, sort of raw, intimate and candid kind. I will open up about that in posts to come.
  • More recently – did my most bold and daringly honest food shoot ever. “Bold and Daring” you ask? Well, there is a reason why used these 2 words. You’ll see when you’ll see it. Stay tuned, for it is still under wraps! 🙂
  • Finally, turns out a photo of mine has stolen by a Tourism website from another continent. Hmmm.. so does that mean I have arrived on the global map? 😛
  • A couple of totally unnecessary pieces of info :
    • Shopped from Zara ( for the first time ,yes 😦 ) and I’m totally hooked now. Wonder why I never stepped into Zara before! Love at first sight.
    • Took out my stilettos after a year and half – finally!! They were tucked away due to the ACL operation I had about a 2 years ago. Was nervous to walk in them until now. They are out and here to stay. ❤
    • My 1.5 year old nephew is obsessed with all things in the kitchen. Loves to hang out in the kitchen. And I am secretly happy about that. And oh yeah, I introduced him to ice cream and he loves it. Yay!


Like I mentioned , this post is a post is a like a prelude for the flurry of posts that is going to come your way now. All posts may not have a stories in them, some may just be photos with recipes.I do not intend to keep a backlog anymore. I am hoping to do 1-2 posts a day – Let’s see how I pull this off!

All the images seen in the collages above will have a dedicated post. I hope you are ready 😛

P.S – Feels great to be back!!! Much love ❤







7 thoughts on “Back after a break…

  1. Love your posts A. I have been following you soon after I joined WordPress (we were not Facebook friends even then). Love your style. Keep writing and keep clicking. Welcome back! Here is to all the coffee lovers.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Been missing your write ups. esp the pictures!
    looking forward to the Bold and Daring piece 🙂
    Yup, Mac is bestest, and of course, I endorse Cucumbertown 🙂 go for it.
    Welcome Back!


    1. Aww…Thank you Siraj! You are ever-so-encouraging. In discussion with the lovely team of Cucumbertown. And yeah, fingers crossed – maybe a Mac. ( P.S .. hahaha . my most daringly honest post. Don’t want to create a lot of build-up around it, you know what I mean? so yeah,will post it real soon. Excited about that myself) 😛


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