Coffee Cold Brew with Coconut Milk

I love coffee. Period.

I love everything about it – the sexy dark beans, the gorgeous aroma, the rich strong flavour , the bitterness , the dark almost color ❤ ..Everything.

While I love my coffee dark, super strong, no milk and not sweet. I do experiment with it to discover new ways to fall in love it. My Coffee Chicken was one such experiment.

In this post, I’m going to share my new found route to happiness through a sensational twist to your regular Cold Coffee. Come fall in love with coffee in a whole new way.


 One of many million things that folks love to post on Instagram is Coffee!  There is so much love for coffee on instagram…It is a very popular hashtag too. It is like people never bored of sharing their coffee pic!

One such pic that caught my attention was that of a cold brew coffee featured on Food52. A concept so incredible , so ridiculously easy and that carries a potential to be so creatively versatile…. Cold Brew Coffee! I wondered why didn’t anyone thing think of this before. But I’m glad someone did … Thank you – whoever you are!

Such a killer idea, I wanted to give it to a go rightway. And since the time I did, I haven’t been able to stop cold brewing my coffee. I’m officially hooked to it.

cubes tray

I’ve always been intrigued by vegan diet & gluten free diet. I like them they because present an extremely creative platform for interesting food. Genius alternatives to regular dairy, dairy by products, make gluten free flours of things you couldn’t imagine. Necessity is the mother of invention. And these alternative lifestyles truly emulate that.

The use of coconut milk is a very popular vegan alternative ( apart from being used widely in a lot of SE Asian countries in desserts and beverages).

milk vanilla datesAnother beautiful discovery for me is the combination of coffee and Coconut Milk. I had only see/read about it, but never tried it.

So I decided to put all that I read into making an incredibly flavourful new coffee based concoction. My cold brew coffee with coconut milk.

Cold brewed the coffee and using them as ice cubes. Another genius idea I stumbled upon on the net.


This drink is really as a easy as a 1.2.3 This is point where you can skip the rest and head straight to the recipe if you want or stay with for a couple of more minutes to hear me going ga ga over this drink 😛

The prep for this dish started the a day before, because I wanted cold brew the coffee and freeze them as cubes for the drink.


The next morning it is just a matter barely 2 minutes… and you have a gorgeous breakfast drink ready!

Throw in the coffee cubes , tip in the coconut milk and add the flavours you want and that’s it…just drink.

cocodrinkiceThis drink might be ridiculously easy, but it is packed with flavours. It is also a little visual drama in a glass as you sip. As the coffee cubes melt, it forms a beautiful marbled pattern in the glass. While that gorgeousness happens the intense flavour of the coffee slowly seeps into the mellow coconut milk.

I used the rich dark molasses like dates syrup for both flavour and mild sweetness…along with a few drops of pure vanilla extract.


If you’ve noticed the change in the glasses, that’s because as I mentioned earlier, I’m hooked!

The first few photos were from the first day ( made them in a big shot glasses) and the next day , I got a more gluttonous … hence the big wide glasses)



For the Coffee Cold Brew

·         2 tbsp coffee powder ( ground filter coffee powder – optional)

·         1 cup of cold water

Rest of the ingredients

·         Coconut milk 1 cup (cold)

·         Date Syrup 2 tsp

·         Condensed Milk 1 tbsp (Optional – to sweeten the milk.)

·         Vanilla Essence 2 tsp

To Make Coffee Cold Brew

·         In a Jar , add the coffee powder and cold water. Stir well and keep it aside for about 24 hours or overnight

·         Next day strain the coffee (use muslin cloth if needed) and keep the coffee liquid aside for later use

To Make Cold Coffee with Coconut Milk

·         Mix the condensed milk with coconut milk ( I didn’t use condensed milk. I like the mild sweetness that the dates syrup brings in)

·         Add the Coffee in a Glass / jar

·         Pour the Coconut milk in the jar

·         Add the dates syrup and vanilla essence

·         Drink!!


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