Tea Tasting by Sublime House of Tea at Rim Naam, The Oberoi Hotel 

The spirit of the Tea Beverage is one of peace, comfort and refinement.-Arthur Gray in The Little Tea Book (1903)

Headshot Title         Tea Tasting is a sensorial experience and elegantly done , it warms up your soul. A cup of tea is a joy forever.

Something I experienced when I indulged myself in the exquisite teas from the Sublime House of Tea at during a specially curated High Tea for the Overseas Women’s Club at the beautiful Rim Naam ( The Oberoi Hotel)

An Autumn Afternoon blossomed itself into a breathtakingly beautiful Monsoon Evening (thanks to Bangalore weather). The beautiful sound of the rainy pitter patter around us, the chirping of the birds, the wet shiny lush greenery, the delicate aromas of the brewing teas, presented itself as a tropical romantic bliss. Tea2_T TT4_T




Orchid COllage a

India, like a few other Asian countries , is a Tea nation. We take pride in the growing and exporting some of the best teas in the world. Exceptionally delicate in flavor, splendidly fragrant gorgeous teas. However not all that is grown and exported reaches our everyday kitchens. Sometimes what we end up sipping is not even tea leaves, but just the dust. In a country where we are spoilt for choices for teas – how do you tell a good tea from not so good one?  TT25_T

I’m not a tea expert but what I can tell you is that if a certain tea can awaken your senses and take it on a sensual journey, lift your spirits, maybe rekindle your memory, or just make you happy – it is good. Good because it would smell, look, taste, feel just great and mainly you would enjoy drinking it.

The Teas from Sublime House of Tea are just that.

Their delicate range of brews will infuse your senses with a beautiful experience that is bound to steep gently into your soul.

They engage in a perennial voyage to discover newer and better experiences of imbibing this divine brew, while always staying in touch with its traditions and roots.The Sublime range of tea has been hand picked with care to value quality and diversity rather than quantity.

Tea sourcing is an art in itself, like tea tasting. The blender determines the end result and the sourcing agents act in concert. It’s the art of blending that produces the magic of taste and flavours; however it’s the quality of the gardens’ produce that determines the perfectness of the outcome.

All of Sublimes tea ranges comes from the most sort after regions and growers from around the world. To know more about their sourcing, blending, packaging and proposition – Click here


TT collage 3 _TThe Sublime Tea Menu was curated to showcase their exquisite range of tea brews and the On Ice range.


BrewedAssam | Darjeeling | Masala 

On Ice – Seventh Heaven | Apple & Chamomile | White Tea & Raspberry

The High Tea organized was the celebration these teas. The thoughtfully planned menu of the gorgeous platter of savory bites and a dessert platter perfectly complemented the Teas from Sublime.




TT Collage1_T

TT Collage 2_T

 This event was steered into direction by the Tea Experts and Food Connoisseurs from the Sublime House of tea and The Oberoi Hotel, respectively. It was incredible to hear the vision, the brand philosophy , the stories behind the sensational brews, the creative infusions and the pairing.

TT1_T TT18_T

The Sublime range of tea is a choice, a bouquet of deep to mellow to infused tea, for the connoisseur of the fine things in life.

It is for those who understand the subtitles of flavour and the fine line between just right and overdone.

   It is for those who intend to take this journey of delightful bliss, a journey either back in time or to discover the unexplored or who just wish to drink good tea.

Thank you Team Sublime House of Tea, Oberoi Hotel, Malavika and Saahiba Virk for giving me an opportunity to indulge my senses into this sublime experience.

Learn more about them  at – http://www.sublimehouseoftea.com  &  https://www.facebook.com/sublimetea

As for me, as much as I love drinking tea, I also love to cook with them. To work with such superior quality rich and flavourful teas would be incredible. Because good dish is mainly about its ingredients! Looking forward to cooking with them. ❤ 

Note – Some of the Factual and Brand specific details have been sourced from the official website of Sublime House of Tea. 


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