A Boozy Evening of High Spirits @Drinks on MG

Opening Collage

*** Statutory Warning – This is a potent post… drinks & photo heavy. Potential Side effects – Envy… and potentially, a strong desire to head to the nearest bar or to attack your liquor stash ***

If you love to drink, you are most likely to have a favourite bar too!  You cannot bring your favorite bar home (unless of course your favorite bar is your home) …what you can do is bring your favorite cocktails home. Now, wait a minute …cocktail take-away is a killer idea but doesn’t happen, does it? So, the next best thing is to learn to make your own cocktails at home !

And I sure do consider myself lucky to have got an opportunity to learn from a rockstar Mixologist Alfonso del Portillo – at Drinks on MG 

Mango COllage 1

Making a cocktail is more than just muddling a few ingredients together and mixing it with some spirit. Pretty much cooking, it involves understanding the flavours that complement , balancing the strong & weak..sweet & sour, intensity of the spirit etc.

It might sound like it is too much work or complex but it is actually not. Thanks the masterclass, watching Alphonso shake, stir, mix , muddle , twist and turn made it all look easy and oh-so-fun!  

In that informative hands-on session (Yes, we did manage to get our ‘hands dirty’  too) Alphonso took us through not just the basics of cocktail making but also introduced us to various tools, techniques, educated us cocktail pairing with food, building & layering your drinks and styling a drink.

Here are some of the wicked cocktails we made and tippled (well, almost)

Drink 1

One of the signature drinks made with Cardhu & Grand Marnier…served with cinnamon & orange smoked dark chocolate

Cucumber Cooler
Perfect summer cooler with cucumber
Drink 4
The Sexy Cosmopolitan Royale
Mango Pop
The Sensationally Wild Mango Pop ( P.S the glass is coated with popcorn crumb … to make your senses dance)
Virgin Mary
Spiced Virgin Mary ( P.S One hot drink – guaranteed to pack a punch)
Drinka 3
My favorite …and the meanest of them all… Simple looking but wicked, almost evil and aptly named… PornStar Martini !

Two important things that Alphonso reinstated were (a) Ice is the basis of almost all cocktails …a chilled glass & ice is a MUST (b) It really doesn’t matter what glass you serve your drinks in…Styling makes it more sexy

Drinks col


See what I was talking about…Ice and Sexy!

The rockstar of Mixology, the brains behind the counter…. El Hombre from España … Alphonso !!  (P.S ..The cute little tooth etched tie is only to distract you from his real motive of giving your senses a wild trip to the moon and back with his wicked concoctions)
Cocktail DIvas
My lovely fellow food bloggers a.k.a Cocktail Divas at the session ( Subhashmita , Farrukh & Vidya ) L-R



Some coasters and a tall spoon from the good folks at Drinks on MG ( And Yes! I take notes on paper… I’m old school in that aspect)

Thank you so much Team Drink on MG , Alphonso for this wonderful Cocktail Session. (Drinks On MG – MG Road, Bangalore)

More about them at :

  • Website – https://www.drinksonmg.com
  • Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/drinksonmg

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