Pomegranate Rose Molasses

” Come to the orchard in spring,

There is light and wine…

..and sweethearts in the pomegranate flowers, 

If you do not come , these do not matter…

If you do come, these do not matter…” 

– Rumi ( Persian poet)


The Persian love affair with pomegranate dates back to possibly the beginning of the mankind…They say this ‘fruit of paradise’, for its association with the Goddess of Love Aphrodite,  is the original ‘Forbidden Fruit’ ….and not apples!

Probably one of the very first fruits ever to be cultivated, this pomegranate has different significance in different cultures. Right from being the fruit of fertility, to immortality …to new beginnings… new life…besides just being the original ‘Passion Fruit’ aphrodisiac!


The world loves this fruit, but in Persian lands this has a very special place. Not just in their cuisine, but also in their rich art & literature  – love stories have blossomed under pomegranate trees,  poetries have been written on them, artists have become famous portraying them on their canvas. Even in Shakespeare’s Romeo Juliet, the tree was symbolic was true love.. forbidden love…Maybe pomegranates are one of the many the reasons why the color red is associated with love..

The beautiful rubies hidden inside are said to be loaded with irresistible allure. Personally I feel the best way to eat it is no short of an act of sensuality. The scarlet juices of the seeds flowing down your fingers and hands ,while it reaches the lips can heighten your deep desires … The colour, the fragrance, the texture …ofcourse the taste adds to the intimate pleasure.

POmmred 6a

One such sensuous form of pomegranate is the molasses, from the kitchens of Persia.

This pomegranate molasses is basically but syrupy reduction of pomegranate juice, lemon and sugar. It is used extensively there as a marinade, sauces for meats, salad dressings, desserts and beverages.

Inspired by my love for persian food, my love for pomegranate … I decided to do my take on this glorious juicy goodness. Make it more fragrant than what is already carries… by adding rose extract.


Just like you can’t hurry love, you cannot hurry this molasses.

With such basic ingredients , this molasses is extremely easy to make – all you need is lot time and patience.

The sweetness from the rubies are beautifully counterbalanced with tartness. The addition of rose extract elevates the flavour mildly and make it oh!so fragrant.


When reduced , it transforms itself into this gorgeously thick , sticky , silky crimson sauce …with just the right amount of tartness blended, with the deliciously fragrant rose extract.

Listen to the desires of your heart…and use it to satisfy your appetite…not just hunger, beyond too… ❤

POmm Coll_E

Recipe : Pomegranate Rose Molasses

Ingredients –

  • Juice of 2-3 large pomegranates / 300 mls
  • 4-5 tsp of sugar ( you can add more or less.. depending on what tickles your taste buds)
  • Juice of a ripe large lemon
  • 2-3 tbsp of rose extract

Directions –

  • Add the juice to a pan – to that add sugar and put it one heat.
  • Add the juice of the lemon and in a few mins , add the rose extract
  • Now , simmer the flame and find something to do for 45 minutes – an hour ( do keep checking on it every now and then.. give it a gentle stir)
  • It should take that long for it to reduce – when it reaches your desired consistency.. take it off the heat.
  • Let it cool and transfer it to a sterilized jar and keep in the fridge.
  • Use it as your wish !

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