Pear & Ginger flavored White Tea Soup


“Where there is tea…there is hope”!

My tea (and not ‘mighty’) confession I find it difficult to tell the difference between a Darjeeling English Breakfast…to Orange Pekoe ….to an Earl Grey ( oh,wait! Earl Grey, I can). But the likes of Green tea, White tea and Moroccon mint …Jasmine  and such…I can instantly tell. Probably because they each one of them have a very distinct smell besides their exquisite characteristic. And then are whole other categories of tea that I don’t even know of…hope to taste those at some point in my life though.

There is something about tea and winters. Because a hot cup of tea in the cold, solves everything.

But, why am I talking about tea?

Because Tea is the hero of my recipe today. A rather interesting, new way to use it. I have never had it in this form. Necessit(ea) is the mother of invention they say – this recipe is a standing example of that!

We had a few interesting set of tea bags. Why not use as the base for a soup? 

That is how my ‘Pear & Ginger’ flavored White Tea Soup came into existence

While it is lovely to be had as tea, by itself…this interestingly flavored white tea brings with it a beautiful depth to the soup. Because I wanted the flavor of the tea to shine through, I kept stock of any kind out of the recipe.

Undoubtedly this soup is the MOST nourishing, healthy, healing soup I ever had (and made). Absolutely NO fat and only goodness. This also the quickest soup to make (from scratch).

Teas can also be an excellent base for soups, who knew!

This time it is white tea for me ….Go find your flavor 😛


RECIPE – Pear & Ginger flavored White Tea Soup ( Serves 2)


  • White tea bags (2) – I used Pear & Ginger flavor white tea bags ( You can use any other flavor/type of tea)
  • 2.5 cups of Stock ( veg/ chicken/ fish) or just water
  • 1 small bay leaf
  • Garlic (optional) OR Ginger (optional)
  • Fresh veggies ( lightly blanched , if you wish)  – Mushrooms, french beans , Broccoli , Spring Onions, White Onions, Spinach ( You can use any veg, greens, or shredded/steamed meat of your choice)
  • Some boiled noodles
  • Red Chillies for flavor and/or garnish
  • Salt & Pepper for seasoning


  • Add the bay leaf to the water , bring the water to a boil, turn the heat off and infuse the water with these two tea bags
  • Leave the bags in for 2-3 minutes &  take the bags and the bay leaf out
  • Meanwhile in a soup bowl, put the veggies and the noodles first and pour the hot tea
  • Add your garnish and your gorgeous clear soup is ready !!

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