Curried Sweet Potato Apple & Feta Soup



 To share the story behind this post is going to be fun.

This is a complete happy accident. I wasn’t even planning to cook anything new that day. ( We had a few left over from the previous day!)  But then what is fun is having the same thing again the next day in the same form? I don’t enjoy it at all…and for me, it is a super opportunity to be creative. I love giving makeovers to leftovers….and I’m pretty darn good at it (that is one thing I can say confidently… ahead challenge me on that!)

That day was no exception. On a serious inspection of my fridge and the kitchen ….. the bhaji (from the Pav-Bhaji the previous day) , Some boiled sweet potatoes (and some extra raw sweet potatoes in the kitchen) , Some red apples and cheese caught my attention.

I had been meaning to make warm wintery sweet potato soup for a very long time…and thought this  would be just be a perfect day for that. But it cannot be just sweet potato, can it? I decided to make it more interesting – how about using the lovely leftovers! ….(Boy! Spiced mashed up vegetables is quite versatile…they blend so well with very many soups and whole lot of other things.) So there … I had my soup ready in my head.


Got on with the prep – Boiled and peeled the sweet potatoes and mixed it with some previously boiled ones…..Peeled the red apples (and saved the peel for milkshake later on 😛 )…. further mashed up the bhaji to make it sexy smooth….And crumbled some feta for later… got the coriander washed and ready ….the line up seasonings ….all this while some vegetable stock was on the heat.

Because both the sweet potatoes and the apple are sweet, the bhaji (spiced mashed vegs) will perfectly balance it. And then ofcourse the saltiness from the feta ….and the red chilli flakes ….bite of the fresh coriander…..that is like a carnival in your mouth. This hot soup is nice and thick naturally because of the sweet potatoes. A meal by itself… this soupy goodness fills not just your tummy but your soul too.

(Well actually you can whip this up with pretty much any other root veggie, or squashes … let your creativity unleash!)



RECIPE : Curried Sweet Potato Apple & Feta Soup


  • Boiled and mashed sweet potatoes ( I used 4 large sweet potatoes in all)
  • 1.5 red apple ( medium -big size) – peeled and mashed
  • 1 cup of bhaji ( from the left over Pav-bhaji) – { In place of this , you can use the a cup of mixed mashed veggies like potatoes, peas, cauliflower, green capsicum, carrots ….or whatever veggie you fancy  + 1-2 tbsp of curry powder / pav bhaji masala + 1 -2 tsp on butter = perfect)
  • 1 cup of veg stock (you can chicken stock too, if you wish)
  • Half cup crumbled Feta Cheese
  • Seasoning – Black pepper, Salt (to taste), red chilli flake, dried mixed herbs
  • Fresh coriander – chopped
  • Olive oil ( or try mustard oil ) to drizzle


  • Heat the veg stock and blend the mashed sweet potatoes, mashed apple , pureed/mashed veggies and mix well.
  • Taste it and add the seasoning ( to your liking)
  • Let it come to a boil
  • Take it off the heat
  • Pour it into your sexy soul bowls /cups  and garnish it with crumbled feta, red chilli flakes, coriander and drizzle some olive oil/mustard oil.
  • Serve hot!!
  • Optional – Some breads, crostini or a special someone to have the soup with ….. ❤ ❤



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