Here for good.

me and my cake_e

Hi & thank you for stopping by!

Lingeringaftertaste is an outlet to share my passion for food.

I love to cook because I love food. Food makes me happy. I am an explorer of food; I love   to experiment with the tastes I discover. I have always loved to eat but my real affair with food started late in life. However, when it did, it changed my life forever. I realized how passionate I was about food and cooking. I surprised myself!

Cooking gives me one of the greatest pleasures in life. It is comforting and therapeutic. I  believe food must rouse all five senses. That is when it is truly complete. I will forever be on the pursuit to achieve this.

 This blog is an attempt to archive the recipes I love to cook and the photos I click of my food. Food styling and food photography are skills that I am learning as I go along.

 I dedicate this blog to my mother who I lost earlier this year. I grew up watching her cook with love. I regret not having cooked with her enough, not having cooked for her enough. Nevertheless, I feel she will be keeping up with my blog from somewhere up above.

Why Lingeringaftertaste?
The word aftertaste always fascinated me. I think there is something very profound about that word.
I believe it is not just about the moment you eat but also about the moments after you have eaten.  Food must speak to all your senses through taste that lingers on; not just in your mouth, but in your heart too. And so, Lingeringaftertaste.

When I am not cooking or blogging – I work as a Learning Design Specialist. Married and settled in the lovely city of Bangalore. Love movies & music and of course treasure my cookbooks and food magazines. Smitten by the love for beautiful crockery. Love to host, particularly friends with a good appetite. And a Pug lover!

I hope you are with me on this food journey. I would love to hear from you. Let me know your thoughts on my food stories and share yours with me here.
Drop me a line with your suggestions or just say hi at :


24 thoughts on “Here for good.

  1. Cool Ambica !!!!! this is awesome !! But for me, like ” Seeing is believing “, ” tasting is also believing ” 🙂 so…….. if you want me to endorse your culinary skills, let me know the date, time and your home address 😉


  2. I just love your blog Ambica. It’s as if someone has penned down my thoughts….and you’re a fellow Bangalorean. Super. I’ll be stopping by pretty often.


    1. Oh Shaista! Thank you so much for showing your love for my blog. It is such an absolute joy when lovely readers like yourself tell me that I’m able to connect to you through my stories. Glad I’m able to do that.. hope to continue to do that. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you around.

      P.S – I love your name. It has a beautiful ring to it. What does it mean?


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